Car loan from Switzerland.

Who doesn’t dream of owning a car that can get you from point A to point B in a short time? Even young people who have their driver’s license or retirees don’t want to do without a car. However, it often happens that people who think about a new car are rejected by banks because of a bad Credit Bureau.

Banks offer car loan without Credit Bureau

Banks offer car loan without Credit Bureau

The banks do not want to take any risks with this group of people, so that often a loan application is rejected. It is possible to get a car loan without Credit Bureau. In Switzerland, banks grant a car loan without Credit Bureau because they do not work with Credit Bureau. A car loan from Switzerland can be used by anyone who has a fixed and attachable income. No further collateral is required since the salary alone is sufficient as collateral.

The applicant must prove that he lives in Germany, preferably with a confirmation of registration or ID and must be over 18 years old. Then a car loan from Switzerland can be taken out quickly. The credit request is made over the Internet, where the applicant contacts a credit intermediary, who will then process the loan application. As a rule, a fee must be paid for this so that the credit intermediary can be used at all.

Advantages of a car loan from Switzerland

Advantages of a car loan from Switzerland

With a car loan from Switzerland, the car can be financed quickly and easily. Since Credit Bureau does not play a role here, the processing time is very short, so that the money is paid into the applicant’s account within a few days. Thanks to the fast payment, the applicant can pay his car cash and take advantage of discounts that he will not receive with an installment loan. Nobody has to deal with the car loan from Switzerland with “leasing” or “three-way financing”.

The car is paid for immediately and therefore belongs to the borrower. Interest rates are not as high as many think. Since the applicant can meet the most important condition of having a fixed salary, good conditions are offered accordingly. However, a comparison should not be forgotten, because with the large number of banks, there are accordingly many offers that can be very different. Another advantage is that the borrowing is not entered in the Credit Bureau.

If a loan is then required in Germany, the bank cannot understand the car loan. This will keep Credit Bureau clean and no further bank loans will be rejected so quickly. But this loan is also suitable for those who have no entries, because many do not want to have any entries in the Credit Bureau.


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