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A fabulous time of miracles is coming! After all, winter does not come alone: with cold weather comes early darkness, depression, and activated viruses, which due to our unprepared immune system attack our bodies… And in this article, we will tell you about the most important things: how to strengthen the immune system during the cold season, how not to get cold when jogging in the frosty morning and about the ideal and useful winter foods.

How to stop overeating in the winter?

overeating in the winter

When it’s dark outside most of the day, and with the noise of the cold wind outside the window we want to warm ourselves with something else in addition to the plaid, our legs carry us … of course, to the fridge! And no, we should not be afraid of it: the desire to eat more during the cold season is natural for people living in a temperate zone, as by eating more food our body makes up for the lack of energy that it spends on heating the organs. But this does not mean that cold weather justifies overeating: several scientifically proven methods will help to adapt their eating habits to the changed weather conditions, not to overeat and at the same time bring maximum benefit to the body. For example, it pays to make thick soups and consume quality protein with every meal. Try to eat healthy snacks , not chips or any other fastfood products if you gamble on National Casino Australia.

Eat winterfruits and vegetables

Of course, people who eat only plant-based foods would be much more comfortable living in a warm climate zone, where suitable products are available all year round. However, this does not negate the possibility of adhering to vegetarianism even in sub-zero temperatures. It can be an interesting quest to study information about local fruits and vegetables, which can always be found in our markets and store shelves. Apples, cabbage, carrots, persimmons… You can easily buy them, and they are no less rich in all the vitamins and minerals we need than the year-round overseas fruits. 

Drink enough water in winter

Drink enough water

Another difficulty that we often encounter in the cold, frosty winter is the lack of thirst and the body’s need for water. It’s imaginary, because plain water (yes, not tea and certainly not coffee) is life-giving and irreplaceable moisture, on both the condition of our skin and our metabolic rate. Therefore, even when it is freezing outside, it is not worth giving up the wonderful habit to drink a glass of water in the morning (especially since it must be warm, and this will both warm and wake up your body).

Saving energy if it is dark and cold outside

With healthy winter food and actionable water habits, we seem to have figured it out. However, these are not all the aspects that will help you to feel awake, full of energy and ideas in the absence of bright sunlight and warmth… After all, winter is beautiful with other important little things, such as frosty fresh air that clears and fills your lungs with freshness, or no less pleasant natural light, the small amount of which will help you to program your day differently, but still productively. Don’t be afraid of change, because it can always kick-start something new and different!

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