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Do you sometimes feel that someone is reading your correspondence and your every step is being tracked? Perhaps you don’t think – and no, you are not crazy. This really happens. Conspiracy theories turn out to be so tenacious, among other things, because the truth is periodically revealed – and it turns out to be so fantastic that it is not inferior to the most daring assumptions in terms of its impact on minds. 

Harm of smoking and advertising

Harm of smoking and advertising

Half a century ago, tobacco advertising was bright and colourful – remember that textbook Marlboro cowboy, who was good to the reduced cheekbones? Hundreds of millions of youths around the world really dreamed of becoming like him, clumsily lighting their first cigarette. This, of course, added charisma so-so – in addition to the halo of tobacco smoke, a real conqueror of women’s hearts needs something else, but a feeling of his own toughness appeared, this is a fact. 

The largest players in the tobacco market generously allocated unimaginable sums with six zeros for research – and they obediently proved, if not the benefits of smoking, then at least the safety and harmlessness of this ritual. The fairy tale ended in 1998 when Philip Morris still had to admit that smoking really kills – slowly but surely. 

Now cigarettes are sold in most countries from tightly closed windows that minors cannot see, and most of the pack is occupied with images of disgusting and repulsive content – up to a photograph of a corpse or a mouth disfigured by a cancerous tumour. What seemed unthinkable two decades ago has become commonplace today. Nowadays people smoke while playing at the 20Bet Casino or in brick-and-mortar establishments. 

Green men from UFOs and the CIA

In Russia, the craze for flying saucers and other unidentified objects in the sky came in the 1990s – until that time, the inhabitants were more interested in other folklore or political characters, rather than little green men from other planets. Fantastic stories of recognized masters of the pen do not count – it was clear there that all this, albeit brilliantly described, was fiction.

And in the United States, the study of suspicious UFO activity has been occupied since the 1950s: an entire department in the country’s intelligence was created to study the phenomenon of flying saucers. Specialists from the CIA were engaged not only in photography and a written listing of all cases, at least somehow similar to a UFO flight, but also maintained a database of earthly contactees and eyewitnesses.

Diseases, medicines and pharmaceutical companies

Diseases, medicines

Human diseases are a real gold mine for drug companies. Of course, the more people get sick and the more diverse the methods of treatment, the more profitable it is for pharmacists. Usually, advertising for a new miracle cure is launched ahead of time – several years before the moment when a new disease is “discovered”. Of course, this does not mean at all that real – and wonderful – medicines for many diseases are not discovered and produced.

The task of pharmacists in this case is to competently convince both doctors and patients that there can be only one solution to the problem that has arisen, and there are no alternative cure options, except for the very cherished medicine. In the course are direct and indirect advertising, and financial stimulation of physicians – after all, it is on them that the establishment of a treatment regimen and the intake of specific drugs depends.

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