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Online sports betting is not illegal. In 2018, the then president Michel Temer, sanctioned the Law that validates the hobby. With the popularisation of bookmakers, it has become much easier to engage in this activity. Come and find out how this has evolved, how to be a good bettor, and, who knows, change your profession?!

How to place a sports bet online

sports betting

There are several types of bets and you can opt for the one that interests you most. You can bet on almost anything. For example, who will score the first goal, which player will score the goal, and so on.

  • Live Betting
  • Half time results
  • Result at the end of the game
  • Top Scorer of the match
  • Winner of a competition
  • Best goalscorer in a competition
  • Number of goals per player

To be more secure, in the beginning, it is interesting you start by placing a single bet, which is one that you bet on only one event. However, there is the possibility of placing a multi bet which is when you can choose several events to bet on the same ticket.

The multi bet allows you to win more money, although it is less secure than the single bet. So, to start getting the hang of it, the most suitable is the single bet and then you will improve it.

Online sports betting payment methods

To place the bets, you can choose the payment method. As these sites are safe and reliable, your work will be in thinking about the statistics to bet.

They can be made via credit card (all flags), bank transfer, PayPal, among others.

Customer service at online betting sites

online sports betting

Usually the attendance of the sports betting sites is very close. Behind the site, for example, there is a team that responds very quickly to your questions. They are people who understand mathematics, sports and the market… their goal is to help you bet on the best option.

Besides, they are also close to you on social networks, which makes the dialogue much easier.

Now that you know everything… start in the world of sports betting and have fun knowing even more about your favourite sport.

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