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Do you want to play video bingo in the most classic style?

Then get to know Showall video bingo

play Showall Video Bingo

A game dedicated to the most conservative players who love a new emotion.

Zitro Interactive decided to bring to the market a machine with a great style. The best of all is that this game is entirely in Portuguese.

This is a traditional game of 60 balls. At first, 30 balls are drawn for you to mark on up to 4 cards. Each of them contains 15 numbers, so all the existing numbers are distributed on the cards.

In this video bingo you can win up to 1,500 times your bet amount on a full card. In addition, there are 15 different winning opportunities to guarantee victory.

Another attraction are the 10 extra balls that can be ordered after the initial draw. They become available every time a good prize is about to come up.

As well as increasing your chances, the extra balls can be free at certain times. When the Z-Ball is drawn, you can choose which number is drawn for the round.

But if you get a full card with only the first 30 balls, you can take home a jackpot worth thousands of dollars.

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To start, you need to set the amount of your bet. See that each credit is worth $ 0.10. So, choose how many credits you’re going to bet per ticket.

Another important step is to set how many tickets will be active, with a maximum of four and a minimum of one. You can also change the numbers on the cards.

When the draw begins the balls drawn are marked automatically. The numbers you match are highlighted in black. The numbers that are filled in red indicate a winning sequence.

You will see some numbers blinking yellow. These are the missing numbers you need to complete a winning sequence.

At the end of the draw, the game may offer you extra balls to buy. You can buy as many as you like. When you want to stop, just close the game and start another round.

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Video Bingo Showall theme, design and graphics

Bingo video

Video bingo Showall is a game in the most classic style possible. Its theme is simply the universe of video bingo and how it works. It brings the format of the most traditional bingo game styles.

The design of the game follows its theme and illustrates the intuitive atmosphere of a bingo game. Every detail has been thought through to bring the player into an experience as close to reality as possible.

The graphics part of the game has fulfilled its mission of bringing a classic style to the game. Its illustrations show the smallest details of how a bingo game works. Moreover, the animations are very realistic.

How to win in Video Bingo Showall

No doubt you have to count on luck to win in video bingo Showall. However, there are certain strategies that help you to better control your balance and increase your chances of winning.

One of the advantages of video bingo Showall is its average volatility. Your balance will probably not change rapidly downwards if you bet cautiously, as small wins are relatively frequent.

Betting the minimum amount will change your balance little after a long time of playing. Therefore, you need to take a little more risk. You can do this whenever you hit a jackpot.

Another important tip is to play with all active cards. This greatly increases your chances as you will have all 60 numbers on your cards. All you have to do is hope they are all together.

When it comes to the extra balls, you should always do the math before you take a chance. The chance of winning a good prize is rare, but the price of an extra ball in this situation can be high. It’s always good to be aware and weigh things up.

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