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Let’s first take a look at the best places for you to play cryptocurrency. Currently, most sites still require you to use traditional currency to place bets, although a growing number allow you to make your payments with Bitcoin or other currencies. The sites listed below give you the best chance of using crypto at the tables themselves – some still allow you to play in both currencies, while others only allow you to play digital currencies. However, no matter which site you choose from this list, you’ll find the following qualities.

Game Selection

Regardless of the currency you’re using, the most important thing for most players is that the quality of the games is excellent. That’s entertainment when it comes down to basics, so in essence, the games that are the most fun are the ones you’ll want to play the longest. The sites on this list offer our cryptocurrency-loving readers the best selection of slots and table games.

Customer Service


When you use cryptocurrency, there are many benefits, but there may also be many questions you have about the process. This is where an excellent support department comes into play. We love sites that load in FAQs on their website, as this usually answers most general information questions. As casinos are open 24 hours a day on the internet, we also expect support agents to be available in real time, day and night, via live chat or phone. Also, any site that has a strong social media presence is a winner in our minds.

How to play with cryptocurrency

Ok, now you know some sites that allow you to bet on cryptocurrency – let’s move on to how to do it exactly. Here are the simple steps to getting to the tables:

  • Open a cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Buy some coins.
  • Choose a site to play on.
  • Make your deposit.
  • Choose a game.
  • Watch out for the value!

Mobile Compatibility

play with cryptocurrency

Just as important as being able to offer cryptocurrency games is the ability to play anywhere from a phone or tablet. The sites on this list give you the chance to try their games in a mobile format, and while most of them don’t offer a native downloadable app, our experts have tested the quality of the mobile browser games, and they all live up to the standards we expect when recommending a casino to our readers.

Why use cryptocurrency to play?

As cryptocurrency starts to become more popular among the general public, many people are asking why they should play casino games in this format. There are a lot of reasons, but here are a few of them.


Firstly, when you make a deposit with cryptocurrency, there is a transactional record that is kept all over the world. This makes it very difficult for the receiving party (in this case, the website operator) to take off with your money – they would have to make transactions that would also be recorded, so there will always be a digital paper record of where your money went.

Exchange rates

Cryptocurrency is like any other currency – it has a traditional currency value, and that value can fluctuate on a daily basis. When your Bitcoin is converted to USD to play casino games, the operator may charge a small fee to do so, which hurts your bottom line. We like that you can keep your currency unchanged and leave the gambling at the tables.

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